Piano Lessons

— PIANO LESSONS ARE TAILORED TO EACH STUDENT–Unlike Many Piano Teachers, I Let Your Goals and Musical Preferences Guide the Course of the Lessons.

— EXPLORE DIFFERENT APPROACHES (Or Focus on Just One)–Piano Lessons in Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, and More–Learn the Differences and Similarities, and Tips to Help In Any Genre.

— DEVELOP STRESS-FREE TECHNIQUE–Learn to Play the Piano Effectively, With an Emphasis on Efficient Playing and Optimal Posture.

— Understand Songwriting!–Learn How Chords Fit Together, Structuring Melody, and Be Able to Analyze and Create Your Own Music.

 Develop Ear Training Skills–Understand How to Learn Songs By Ear.

 Develop Rhythmic Skills–Have You Played for Years, But Still Feel Unable to ‘Play’ Piano?  I Can Help Take Your Rhythm to the Next Level in our Piano Lessons.

 Develop an In Depth Knowledge of Chords–Reinforce the Basics, or Create a Seemingly Endless Vocabulary of Voicings.

 Learn to Read Music and Develop Sight Reading Skills.

 Explore Music Theory in a Practical, Usable Way.

 Analyze Your Favorite Artists and Get to Know Their Tricks!–How Have Your Heroes Written Songs, and How Can You Integrate That Into Your Playing?

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